Sr. Batting Recreational League

The league is made up of 12-15 players per squad. Teams are selected at random, then adjusted with consideration to ages,  schools, and player positions.

Lineups include eight defensive players and one D.H player who will rotate a new defensive position each inning. Players can expect to play one full 9 inning game at least once a week and expect to start at least two times a week. All players receive a team T-shirt with a number.


A pitching machine is used to replace "live" Pitcher and Catchers will be stationed behind a "port-a-sock" netHelmets and the "Must Slide Rule" are in effect to ensure the safety for all players. Team captains are elected to work with league officials to develop daily lineups. Umpiring, score and record-keeping will be handled by the adult league officials.


League age limit is aged 13 years to 18 years. (Grades 7th to 12th). Games are played at Duke Park during the week. (Monday - Thursday evenings)

Sr. League awards are giving to the players with...


Top Batting Average (30)

Most RBI's

Most Game Winning RBI's

Most Extra Base Hits

Most Doubles

Most Total Hits

Most Triples

Most Home Runs